This Instagram account tells us that every shot has been done before, so you can be more creative

Instagram is so ubiquitous that it’s hard to tell what’s real or what’s fake anymore. But that doesn’t stop creatives or otherwise from having hopes of being discovered online as the next best photographer, influencer, or anyone who wants to get a jumpstart in their business. “Going viral” is the goal, and with millions trying to get a piece of the pie, there’s bound to be a lot of competition—and repetition. This is why an anonymous Instagram account was set up by someone whose goal is to expose the lack of creativity on Instagram or outside of it. With the account handle @Insta_repeat, it describes itself as:

“There is a lot of mimicry everywhere in media, not just on Instagram. A purpose of @Insta_Repeat is to critique originality in media creation through the lens (pun intended) of this one ‘genre’ of Instagram photography accounts.”

In an interview with Photoshelter, the account owner recounts how he or she started her quest: “I live in Alaska constantly see imagery pop up around me from ‘adventurers’ and ‘explorers’ from around the world on Instagram. I don’t know how many times the red cabins in Hatchers Pass can be posted before people get bored. Overall, living here, in a popular destination for these outdoor images motivated the Insta_Repeat account.”

Photoshelter asked Insta_Repeat about what it thought about the fact that there is “no photo that is truly unique,” and the person answered, “What makes these images unique targets is the specific genre these accounts I feature fit within. It’s this genre of adventurous and creative living, tagged with phrases like ‘liveauthentic’ and ‘exploretocreate’ that seems so ironic and thus an interesting target to me.”

Here are just some examples of cliched travel shots:

Feet dangling over the cliff

Literally (figuratively) infinity

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Girl with a hat looking over a grand scenery

MCU back of head with outdoorsy hat 🎩 #personaloneinthewild

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Just rowing casually

Person centered rowing in canoe 🛶🛶PT. VI #canoesofinstagram

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Capturing the moment

Phone in the wild 📱📱📱📱📱📱📱 PT.I

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So the next time you travel, think about enjoying the views and portraying it authentically rather than just “doing it for the ‘gram.”

Feature photo credit: Pexel

Sources: @Insta_repeat, Photoshelter blog

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