Jeffree Star vs. Michelle Dy: From copyright issues to dirt from the past

michelle dy vs jeffree star
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Never copy someone else’s work — that’s the lesson Michelle Dy had to learn the hard way yesterday.

After uploading two makeup product reviews yesterday which she labeled “MD Approved,” Michelle was called out by well-known American makeup artist Jeffree Star. Star accused Dy of stealing his “Approved” series, which he said is copyrighted in America. He even told Dy in a comment on the now-deleted video that his lawyers will reach out to the Filipina vlogger.

Dy was quick to react and has apologized for her mistake. According to her, Star is one of the people whom she looks up to in the beauty industry. She also said that she was not aware that Star’s “Approved” series is copyrighted in America.

Of course, social media, especially Twitter, was quick to get on the controversy. While fans  took sides and others gave their two cents on the matter, the whole issue has blown up into another matter, as some people dug up dirt from the past on both personalities, totally veering away from the main controversy. Here are some of the side issues.

Jeffree Star’s “rude” approach

While some netizens believe that it was not right for Dy to copy Star’s “Approved” series, they pointed out that the American makeup guru could’ve used a more decent and professional approach.

Some, however, defended Star…

Racist vs. Marcos apologist

Totally veering away from the issue, some people claimed that Star is no better than Dy because he’s racist. Meanwhile, others are also burying Dy not because of the issue but for being a Marcos apologist. They even dug up old social media posts to prove their point.

Filipinos dragging their own

While the whole thing blows up, some netizens chose to focus on how Dy’s fellow Filipinos even cheered on Star to drag the former.

Michelle Dy vs. Anna Cay

The whole issue also diverted to a former rift between Dy and Anna Cay, another YouTuber. Apparently, last year, Cay was “bullied” by Dy. Others claim Dy alluded to Cay in one of her videos and made some nasty remarks, although Dy did not name names.

What’s your take on the issue?

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