The Perfect Man: People are sharing pics of boyfriends “forced” to take pictures of their girlfriends, and it’s hilarious AF

Who needs an “ideal type” of boyfriend when you can get yourself someone who can take the best Instagram-worthy photos and risk their lives while they’re at it? In this day of Instagram- obsessed people, it takes a whole lot of effort to get that one money shot, but this can’t be easily achieved without that someone who will do it for you. Enter the Instagram boyfriends or husbands who will do everything for their special someone. In a recent viral trend, people are sharing their funny behind-the-scene experiences in taking the perfect shot of their girlfriends.

When you’re left out of the party

Rolling on the ground

Seeing triple


Even The Weeknd was once an Insta bf too!

Enjoying the beach (kind of)

“I will risk my life for you.”

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