Too far-fetched? Netizens react to Sass Sasot’s defense of “Pepedederalismo” jingle

By now we’ve all probably heard or read about the outrage caused by PCOO assistant secretary Mocha Uson and blogger Drew Olivar’s video featuring a racy “jingle” that attempted to promote Federalism. Stones were thrown, senators and netizens were repulsed by the move. Mocha has since explained her part that it was to capture the attention of the masses and it was not part of the official government campaign, while Olivar said himself that others are just jealous that’s why they’re trying to bash the video.

But one staunch Duterte supporter and political blogger, Sass Sasot, had a more “solid” defense. Sass not only connected (or attempted) the words “pepe” and “dede” (Filipino words for vagina and breasts) to reproductive health but also reasoned that Federalism will lead to healthier communities.

One of her followers even had a “better” yet often used explanation: symbolism.

Naturally, netizens had something to say about this “logic.”

Is this a new “Maalaala mo kaya” episode?


That one person in your class who didn’t do their homework but knows how to make “palusot”…


“Keep telling yourself that.”


Objection, your honor!


Logic traveled far and away…




Where’s the point?

Master spinner?

Just move on?

The viral “jingle” sets a bad example for young kids…

Belittling the intelligence of Filipinos…

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