Blogger calls out Sunnies Face for having similar aesthetics with Glossier

The Philippines’ “It girls” consisting of models and entrepreneurs Georgina Wilson, Bea Soriano-Dee and Martine Cajucom, along with Jess Wilson, also founders of Sunnies eyewear, are on a roll this week with the recent launch of their new cosmetics brand Sunnies Face and lipstick line, Fluffmatte. Social media went abuzz as all the stylish influencers and powerhouse fashion personalities went to support them on their launch party that’s an Instagram lover’s dream come true.

But on Sunday, blogger Camie Juan, whose self-description on her website,, is “a 20-something lifestyle & travel b/vlogger, a freelance creative and a self-proclaimed Francophile from Manila, Philippines (recently moved to New York City in 2017)” called out Sunnies Face for its certain similarity with international cult brand that has captured the attention of millennials, Glossier. Much of the brand’s success, headed by young entrepreneur Emily Weiss, is due to its clear strategies in growing its beauty brand into one of the best on Instagram. From their products to their feeds, everything that Glossier comes out with has a pretty clear signature “aesthetic.”

The similarity in question is the Sunnies Face employees’ jumpsuit uniforms, plus the impression that much of the brand’s inspiration or “peg” is Glossier.


Readers on Twitter were quick to defend the Sunnies brand, saying the blogger’s tweet might be just a shade out of jealousy or simply a way of bringing down the brand.


However, some agree with her observation:



Camie, on the other hand, stated that she is just voicing out her own thoughts on the matter. “Having an opinion isn’t complicated when it’s simply an opinion. If anyone gets affected by something as simple as my tweet, chalk it up to stereotypical Pinoy sensitivities.” She tweeted further, “Despite everything and my history with Martine, it was no secret that I supported Sunnies before and admired their aesthetics, business model, etc. I reacted because I was slightly disappointed that they pegged Glossier. I’m not alone in this opinion either.”

Whether the two brands are similar when it comes to store interiors, the products themselves, or other details like employee uniforms, you be the judge:


The standard pink jumpsuit uniform of Glossier store attendees. @glossier

Glossier ads

Photos from Glossier


Interiors: Millennial Pink aesthetic

Glossier product packaging: bubble wrap


Sunnies Face

Sunnies Face new store in Glorietta. @sunniesface






What do you think? Do you agree with Camie Juan’s observation?

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