LOOK: These new food trends are so magical and pretty you won’t want to take a bite

The age of Instagram has given birth to food trends that are just as aesthetically pleasing as it is with taste. Say goodbye to the ubiquitous carefully plated avocado toasts, rainbow ice cream twirls, to everything unicorn, because these are the new food craze that will dominate millennials’ feeds:

Cotton Candy Burrito

Who knew cotton candy and burrito will go in the same sentence? Yes, this new odd combination made possible by a dessert shop in Ontario, Canada called Sugar Sugar, and it will surely tickle your tastebuds. But it’s really not the kind of burrito you are thinking of. It  is a dessert made up of multiple ice cream scoops tucked inside a flattened cloud of pink, yellow, and/or baby blue cotton candy.  The ice cream is sprinkled with various ice cream toppings  like: cereal, candy, sprinkles, and everything nice.


Mermaid donut

Your favorite mythical creature comes in a soft, cake donut on a bed of sweet icing, white chocolate, and candy toppings. This can be found in Disney parks and it is inspired by the trinkets in Ariel’s underwater treasure chests.

Popsugar/ Erin Cullum

Rainbow iced fruit drinks

Perfect to cool you down and quench your thirst, this fruity drink isn’t just your typical squeezed or blended type. The fruits are frozen in little cubes and mixed in soda.

The Pretty blog

Unicorn noodle

This list wouldn’t be complete without a unicorn-themed dish, so here’s the latest one that’s putting colors on everyone’s tables and feeds: the unicorn noodle. It’s a multi-colored noodle that is made into rolls or bowls.

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