Make your space look like a Kardashian-Jenner home with these furniture pieces


The right furniture pieces and interior design can easily transform a space from drab to fab. If you’ve always dreamed of having a home that looks as elegant and chic as Kylie Jenner’s or the rest of the Kardashians, here are some of the furniture pieces you should have in your space.

Fur chair and accessories

fur chair
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Accentuating your space with anything with fur is an easy way to make it look posh. Today, fur chairs are still in, and you can combine them with your other furniture in your living room, bedroom, or study/office. While white chairs are the classic, you can also spice up your space with bright colors such as pink or yellow.

fur pillow
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You can also go for fur pillows to instantly spice up your living room or bedroom. Make sure other people you share your space with would agree to the girly design though. 😉

Transparent/Mirrored desk

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A transparent or mirrored furniture instantly makes a space look modern and adds up a touch of glam. Filling a room with mirrors also adds an illusion of space, making it look bigger than it actually is.

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To glam up your bedroom, add a mirrored desk or vanity. You can also incorporate transparent furniture in your living room, in the hallway, bathroom, and even the kitchen and dining room.

Tufted chair

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There’s something about tufted chair that easily catches the eye. It’s simple yet has a dash of elegance at the same time. For that expensive look, add high-back tufted sofa to your living room. You can also use tufted chairs in dining rooms.

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Placing a high-back tufted chair in bright hue on a corner can also easily liven up your space. You can also use a tufted ottoman to your living room or bedroom to introduce variety to the overall design.

Vanity mirror with lights

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Perfect for lovers of makeup and anything girly, a vanity mirror with lights provide a Hollywood glam feel to your space.

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Along with your vanity mirror, you can customize your makeup area by adding everything else we mentioned above such as a mirrored desk, fur chair or pillows, bright tufted chair in the corner, and more.

Print carpet with unique designs

print carpet
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Glam up even your floors with unique carpet designs. Make sure though that your carpet complements the other accents and pieces in your space. Pair neutral-colored furniture with a colorful carpet or one with a unique print.

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If your furniture already have loud colors, go for a classic color for your carpet instead. You can also use a similar print/design that you used in one of your furniture pieces or something with a complimentary color to make the overall look cohesive.




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