LOOK: Heart Evangelista is the first Filipina endorser of Paris’ Sequioa designer bags

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“When God closes a door, He opens another.” This quote seems to be applicable to Heart Evangelista these days. After suffering miscarriage and taking some time for herself, the actress is now busy with numerous projects. Although the amount of new projects she gets would never compensate for the loss she suffered, Heart considers them blessings as she gets to focus on positive things and enjoy what she has now.

I woke up to one of the most amazing features in my life! My last trip to Paris was a very special one because not only was I there for couture week but I had been invited by @kevinkwanbooks who has now become a dear friend! He was doing a special ‘Crazy Rich Couture’ feature for Harpers Bazaar US and asked me if I would be interested in being a part of it. I had the honor of being featured alongside some of the most incredible and stylish Asian icons. I am beyond grateful to Kevin and the entire Harpers team for being such a dream to work with! I’m so incredibly proud of this project and would love for you to see it too! Grab the September issue of Harpers Bazaar US or click the link in my bio! ❤ @harpersbazaarus

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Heart was recently featured in Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Couture for Harper’s Bazaar U.S. along with other Asian influencers/celebrities. And recently, the actress revealed that she’s also the new endorser of the Paris brand Sequioa, which is known for their leather goods and bags.

Fans will recall that Heart was present during the Paris Fashion Week, where she was spotted with Kevin Kwan, Hong Kong fashion influencer Feiping Chang, and Malaysian heiresses Michelle and Rachel Yeoh. During that time, Heart teased on Instagram that she has a surprise for her fans and is working with a brand in Paris. The former turned out to be her abovementioned “Real Crazy Rich Asians” feature on Harper’s Bazaar, while the latter is her endorsement for Sequioa.

Before this reveal, it was already rumored that she was the new endorser of the Paris brand. An article suggested it when Sequioa’s Instagram account posted a picture of Heart with a Sequioa bag.

True enough, it’s now official that Heart is the first Asian endorser of Sequioa. The actress also finally revealed the shoots she made for the brand in her Instagram Stories.

Looks like this is turning out to be a good year for Heart Evangelista!

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