How to cop Lana Condor’s style, a.k.a. Lara Jean from ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’


Netflix’s “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” has gone viral since it debuted. And while everyone’s going gaga over its male cast members Noah Centineo (Peter Kavinsky) and Israel Broussard (Josh Sanderson), Lana Condor, who played Lara Jean, deserves as much attention as the boys. In fact, the young actress, who was born in Vietnam but raised in the U.S., has a distinct fashion and beauty style of her own–she comes out radiant every time, whether in casual or formal outfits. Here are some of Lana’s best looks:

Boho look

In her Instagram account and public appearances, Lana’s often seen wearing boho dresses and tops. The look, which doesn’t seem to get old, easily makes for a flirty and chic appearance.

Pair the look with dark eyes and pale lips plus a little shimmer on your cheekbones and you’re good to go.

Two Big Moods 🍋

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Blazer outfit

Wearing a blazer is the easiest way to amp up an outfit, whether you’re wearing shorts, pants, or skirts. Take a cue from Lana Condor.

Bury me in this suit.

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One look at Lana’s IG account and you’ll know she’s fond of overalls and jumpsuits. The outfit gives her a youthful look. To keep it edgy though, wear a pair of boots just like Lana does.

Overalls always! Say that ten times fast… 🗣

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“Dobby, The House Elf.” Enjoy.

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never in my wildest dreams… #deadlyclass @deadlyclasssyfy

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Canadian Amusement

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All-black ensemble

Bring out your sexy, fierce side by donning an all-black ensemble. The classic LBD is the perfect go-to-outfit for dates and parties, while a black leather jacket gives off that strong, don’t-mess-with-me vibe.

I thought these floaty blue things were cool.

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