Women beware: PUA Academy strikes around Metro Manila again

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PUA Academy is an organization of men (or whatever kind of group it is) who “study” strategies on how to pick up women. Sounds incredulous? Yes, but it unfortunately exists in the Philippines under the guise of the title “Asia’s Leading Dating Company.” The tactics that these men apply in real life go from uttering cringey pickup lines to downright stalking women on the streets. Their discussions objectify women and they think that there’s a single, sure-fire way to get women to sleep with them regardless of their appearance, relationship, or status. The group went on the down low after media exposed their chauvinistic ways and drew criticism from the public, but it seems like they’re at it again, harassing women with their shameless repertoire and baseless confidence. What’s worse is that this group disregards consent from women and share their “lay stories” online, with some posting photos and videos taken from hidden cameras. They refer to their encounters as “games,” and calls women as “target” or “set,” they need to close or in offensive terms as “The virgin” or “taken.”  Women began sharing their stories online, hoping to make others aware of the controversial group’s modus operandi:

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Two or three guys scoping and following one woman


Shameless flattery

Invitation for coffee

Twitter handle @islandwomanrise has called for netizens to shut down PUA and detailed ways on how to avoid PUA’s “tricks,” warning women: “If walking alone, do not engage with strangers. If you are in a bar, make sure you have friends who can watch out for you. Protect each other, don’t let predators win!”

Beware of the “Day” and “Night Game”

This simply means picking up girls in either public settings or bars and clubs. PUA is known to approach women in SM Megamall, Trinoma, and SM EDSA. As for clubs, they strike in Valkyrie, The Island, Revel, The Core, and Sherwood. The places they frequent are not limited to these places.

They steer the conversation when you refuse


If you’ve read accounts by women who have experienced being approached by this group, you might be shaking your head and asking, “Where do these men get their brazenness from?” One of the “tenets” of PUA is they build men’s confidence and make them simply “go for it”—no excuses or fodder. They make men feel entitled and that they are makers of their own results in relationships or sexual conquests. But what they purposefully overlook is the woman’s consent, which their small brains can’t seem to grasp, is a simple yes or no. They make “scenarios” and counterarguments on how to overshadow this consent to manipulate and force themselves on women. When a woman says “no,” they have “back up plans” and other interpretations of this refusal. In short, they don’t take no for an answer. What matters to them most is that they get their way with women regardless of the person’s thoughts or feelings.  The cause of @islandwomanrise is right: Filipinas deserve better. These kinds of groups need to stop their delusions and know that what they’re doing is bordering not only on creepy levels, but also criminal grounds.  Men “building” their egos at the expense of women’s safety should not happen in this day and age when women have fought hard for their rights.


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