Why do Filipinos never learn? Netizens express outrage over La Union party aftermath video

Boracay was just officially opened after a few months of rehabilitation, and already photos of plastics and trash thrown recklessly around the beachside have become viral and shared all over the Internet. Another popular tourist spot just might share the same fate as the once famed beach party place: La Union, a surfing destination. A video shared by netizen Akira Daniel Roda got the attention of Filipinos online, showing the aftermath of La Union Surfing Break event that happened this weekend, October 26 to 28, at San Juan, La Union. The video was taken at 5:30 AM, and the footage shows crowds of people by the shore, others sleeping in tents, while others appear to be drunken and just lying around. But it’s not just people that are scattered everywhere: empty beer bottles, food containers, plastics, and other debris were strewn all around the place, summarizing Roda’s caption perfectly. This is a “a short video of how disciplined we Pinoys are.”

La Union is known for being a laidback town with great surfing spots and resorts. mytraveldigest.com


To their defense, La Union Surf Break, an annual event that includes a weekend of yoga, food, live music, and other forms of entertainment by the beach, announced prior that they have scheduled a beach cleanup after the festivities.

But netizens couldn’t help but express their dismay at the extent to which the beach turned out after the party, regardless of the cleanup, with most saying that it reflects the country’s current attitudes. Another netizen pointed out that there were trash bins placed around the area and that the cleanup will not guarantee debris flying off to the seas and contaminating the waters.

What do you think about this incident?

La Union clean beach feature photo from www.ielinthemiddle.com

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