Viral: Dog café in the metro revealed to be abusive

Animal cafés became a huge trend years ago when stressed urbanites began looking for a new way to unwind by snuggling with adorable fur babies and sipping coffee. Some studies have proven the benefits of playing with dogs and cats as emotional therapy, and it does, in some form improve mental health. But the problem lies, however, with animal cafés that exploit, neglect, and maltreat the pets solely for purposes of profit-making. While you may be an animal lover just trying to spend time there and take selfies with the animals, a chilling truth lies behind the adorable picture. Animal rights groups have been advocating against these these cafés for their cruelty and inhumane practices. This dark side rang true at a local dog café in Maginhawa, Quezon City, when a certain customer with the Twitter handle darlenesleighs started an online thread that revealed the alleged cruelty of its employees to its pets (and sometimes customers).

It started when the poster and her sister went to the café expecting to spend quality time with the dogs. The employees, however, made inappropriate comments about her, making her feel uncomfortable.

She then observed that the dogs seemed to look scared of the employees. The employees also allegedly dragged and hit the dogs in full view of the customers, and barely stopping even when the customer asked them to stop. Worse, one of the employees “sat on the dog.”

The customer said she sent a direct message to the manager in charge of the cafe, but instead of an apology or an investigation, all she got was a reply saying that she has no proof for what happened and that they will still side with their employees. What’s more surprising is the fact that this is not the first time that this happened. The poster compiled several online reviews about the dog café, all telling of the dire plight of the dogs. An official statement is yet to be issued by the dog café, but it was mentioned in the thread that they said they will “solve the viral post.”

Perhaps this incident is a wakeup call to the public to boycott these kinds of gimmicky places and adopt dogs and cats or support animal protection organizations instead.


Source: Twitter

Main photo: Pexels


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