7 movies and TV shows we’re looking forward to in 2019

The Riverdale teens will be back with more mystery and drama this January. Photo taken from The CW.

The year 2018 has come and gone, and with it came a handful of defining moments in entertainment — from Infinity Wars among the Avengers to new heapings of drama and mystery from the Riverdale teens, the past year was full of hits that kept us entertained — and already, 2019 seems to have even more exciting stories in store.

Get yourselves ready, because here are the movies and TV shows we’re most excited to see this year:

Stranger Things Season 3

Photo from Netflix

JULY 4 pic.twitter.com/UX9M1L02rd— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) 1 January 2019

Since premiering in 2016, the Netflix sci-fi original has since made a mark in mainstream television entertainment. With its 80’s retro aesthetic (which is all the rage in media these days) and highly likeable gang of monster-battling kids and teens, the series is one of the most anticipated to come out this year, particularly with its constant releasing of trailers and teasers. The third installment, set for a release in early July, takes us back to the summer of 1985 in Hawkins, Indiana with new adventures and bigger monsters to tackle.

Riverdale Season 3 (continued)

Photo from The CW

Hang in there, #Riverdale will be back soon. New episodes return on The CW beginning January 16. pic.twitter.com/OoZsdkWgTW— Archie Comics (@ArchieComics) 27 December 2018

As if fans couldn’t get enough of Archie and the gang’s secrets and mysteries, the show’s continuation of Season 3 is set to premiere this January 16 with an episode entitled “Chapter Forty-Four: No Exit.” The newest episode is likely to take off where the mid-season finale left off, with Archie and Jughead visiting the latter’s mother and sister, Jellybean. One thing’s for sure — the secrets and drama never end in this dark, dark, town.

Game of Thrones Season 8

Photo from HBO

Every battle. 
Every betrayal. 
Every risk. 
Every fight. 
Every sacrifice. 
Every death. 
All #ForTheThronepic.twitter.com/WReVt473SH— Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) 13 November 2018

Winter is finally, finally, almost here — in April, to be exact, as announced by the show’s official Twitter account. Speculation — a significant amount of which appears on Twitter — has been on a constant rise for GOT’s finale after years of constantly topping ratings. The upcoming season has been confirmed to be a short one — a mere six episodes long, but each episode will be at least an hour long, according to director David Nutter. The final season will likely feature a conclusion to the eight-year long battle for the Iron Throne, which cast members have already teased to be “mind-blowing.”

Black Mirror Season 5

Photo from Netflix

The future will be brighter than ever. pic.twitter.com/slVeg3VPd7— Black Mirror (@blackmirror) 5 March 2018

Despite the release of the ambitious and highly-profiled interactive episode Bandersnatch over the holidays, fans of the cult-favorite Black Mirror have all been clamoring for the return of the series, which is set for a release this year, albeit on an unannounced date. Since premiering on British soil in 2011, the darkly themed, technologically-centered anthology series has since garnered a cult-following for its thought-provoking speculative fiction that has since been described as combining the best of technology with the worst of human instincts — more often than not providing disastrous results. Season 5 is sure to provide a new host of mind-bending adventures — and an episode featuring Miley Cyrus, who has since confirmed an appearance.


Photo from DCEU

Sup, I’m a super hero. ⚡#SHAZAMMovie pic.twitter.com/SFUcl0uc5r— Shazam Movie (@ShazamMovie) 21 July 2018

Since dropping the trailer last July, DC has all but been hyping their newest entry into the cinematic superhero canon with Shazam, set for a release this April. The trailer so far has shown Shazam, played by Zachary Levi of Chuck and the Thor movies fame as the superhero alter-ego of Billy Batson, an ordinary student. Shazam has since made ripples as an all-but-ordinary superhero, eschewing traditional goody-two-shoes values with his goofy, reckless temperament, despite the ability to literally shoot lightning from his hands and have x-ray vision. After its recent success with Aquaman, we can’t wait for what DC has in store. 

Star Wars Episode IX

Star Wars: Episode IX is scheduled for release on December 20,  2019. pic.twitter.com/rDBqmuHX89— Star Wars (@starwars) September 12, 2017

Since JJ Abrams’ revival of the well-loved series in 2015, fans old and new have been anticipating each upcoming installment of the Star Wars series, which has consistently released a new chapter every other year, the last being 2017’s The Last Jedi — as well as standalone films in between. Episode 9, which is set for a usual December release, will again be helmed by Abrams, and will continue the intergalactic adventures of Rey, Finn, Poe Dameron, and new Sith Lord Kylo Ren. A trailer — or title — is yet to be released, so naturally, speculation has been high. Knowing Star Wars, however, the end result will always be worth the wait, so may the force be with us.

Avengers: Endgame

Photo from Disney/Marvel Studios

Part of the journey is the end. pic.twitter.com/9RvRQUxI3o— The Avengers (@Avengers) 7 December 2018

In what is sure to be one of the biggest modern pop-culture events, 2019 will also be host to Avengers: Endgame, the finale to the showdown between earth’s mightiest heroes and the titan Thanos, to whom fans were introduced to in last year’s Infinity War. Marvel has been exceedingly secretive about what is speculated to be the last chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe concerning the Avengers, spawning rumours and theories of certain characters’ demise, such as Iron Man and Captain America. Adding further fuel to the fire is actor Chris Evans’ announcement of retiring from playing Captain America/Steve Rogers after eight years. The trailer released in early December teases a few clues of the heroes’ situations, such as Iron Man being trapped in space, and Ant-Man possibly joining forces with the Avengers. 

With all this in store, we couldn’t be more excited for 2019. What are your top picks for this year?

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