Yay or Nay: GMA plans to remake “Descendants of the Sun”

Arguably one of the most successful K-Dramas to air not just in Korea but in different parts of the world is “Descendants of the Sun,” (DoTS) led by mega-stars Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. The drama was such a massive hit that it earned the title of highest-rating drama in 2016. The writer behind this genius combination of romance and action is Kim Eun-sook, who also wrote other popular dramas like Goblin, Lovers in ParisSecret Garden and The Heirs.

But perhaps the main reason that made this drama number one was the superb performances of its leads, their undeniable chemistry, and good looks. The Song-Song couple, as they were fondly called, took their on-screen partnership to real life romance and held a star-studded wedding last year. No other drama has achieved this on and off-screen milestone, making it more unforgettable than ever. 

But it seems like the Philippines would like to take a shot at retelling this iconic TV series through GMA 7’s remake, set to air this year.

The station aired a Filipino-dubbed version of the drama almost at the same time as its airing in Korea, and announced plans for a remake after it ended. GMA 7 also did a remake of a hit K-Drama, “My Love From the Stars,” which starred Jennylyn Mercado and Gil Cuerva.

The adaptation had mixed reviews, but it added a Filipino twist to the original story, which eventually endeared Filipino fans.

There are no announcements yet on who will play the lead stars for the Philippine version of DoTS. But we think it will be hard to recreate some of these elements:

Medical and military professions 

Song Hye Kyo played a well-known doctor while Song Joong Ki was a military officer. Their duty to save lives is what made their union complicated and exciting to watch. But how can this be translated in Philippine screens? Filipino dramas are quite notorious for showing less appealing medical and action scenes, which often leaves the audience in disbelief.

High-budget Locations

Some of the breathtaking scenes in the drama were filmed in an island in Greece and a fictional country was created in Gangwondo Province, South Korea. The scenes were filmed beautifully without straying away from the urgent situation in the story. We’ll just have to wait and see how GMA 7 will be able to pull this crucial changes in location and dynamics in the drama off.

Amazing Supporting Cast

Aside from the leads, the success of the original drama can also be attributed to the supporting cast, who had their own following. Kim Ji Won played a first lieutanant while Jin Goo played a sergeant, who both had emotional baggages that hindered them from being together. Their acting was on point, and it will be hard for GMA 7 to choose an actor and actress to fill their roles.

Overall Quality

GMA 7 doesn’t need to copy the K-Drama for all its worth, but fans hope that it will retain the same sense of high quality in script, story, acting, and filmography that the original had. DoTS had that quality seemed more like a movie than a TV series, with each episode leaving audiences hanging to their seats and capturing their hearts.

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