5 movies turning 10 years old this year

It’s been 2019 for over two weeks now, meaning 2009 was an entire decade ago. Life was much simpler then, when social media simply consisted of poking wars on Facebook — and of course, debating on whether you were on Team Edward or Team Jacob after the second Twilight movie — which, on that note, will be turning 10 years old this year. Feel old yet? Here are 5 other films turning a decade old this year:


2009 was the year director James Cameron gave us Avatar, which currently holds the honor of being the highest-grossing film of all time. The science-fiction epic made quite the commotion a decade ago, with its larger-than-life, 3D spectacle that was still relatively novel to movie audiences. James Cameron has since announced four sequels to follow the film, although none have yet been released in the ten years since.

Star Trek

In yet another entry into the sci-fi blockbuster category, JJ Abrams’ revival of the classic Star Trek series made its way onto the big screen in 2009, with Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto as the lead stars. The film has since expanded into a trilogy since, and has introduced new audiences to the beloved classic.


Who could forget Pixar’s 2009 tearjerker of a hit, Up? The heartwarming tale of Carl Fredricksen’s adventures with Russel to Paradise Falls still strikes a chord in our hearts, and with good reason. From its opening montage to its closing scenes, the film is every bit an emotional, poignant journey as it is a fantastical, balloon-filled one.


2009 was seemingly a big year for science fiction in Hollywood, with the release of the then-controversial 2012 amidst an apocalypse-obsessed climate. The apocalypse, of course, never happened in the titular year, and the film lives on as a societal reflection of sorts, perhaps more than anything.

(500) Days of Summmer

The film has established itself in the canon of the indie-rom-com genre since its release in 2009, and ten years later, we still wonder what could have happened to Tom and Summer, the film’s destined-for-failure central couple. Offbeat and quirky, the film offered a fresh take on romantic comedies, and still continues to generate discussion today.

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