5 ways to take care of yourself in this cold amihan weather

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There’s something different in the air — and no, it’s not romance, despite the Valentine’s season quickly approaching — it’s the unnaturally cold weather currently taking over Metro Manila and most of the Philippines. And while it may seem like we may all have been magically transported to the likes of Baguio or Korea or Japan in the past week or two, it’s really just the extended northeast monsoon, more commonly known as hanging amihan, that’s currently taking over the entire country.

Indeed, this really isn’t something we are generally used to in our tropical sunny-or-rainy climate,  and it may feel like the best course of action is to simply stay at home all day and avoid all your responsibilities. But fear not: we will get through this weather as we have done so in the past, without having to sacrifice our personal well-being. Here are a few tips to help you get on your way.

Bring a jacket

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Obviously — this really should be standard protocol by now, but in case you’ve somehow forgotten, bring a jacket or sweater before heading out of the door, wherever it is you’re headed. It could potentially be a lifesaver, as this pervasive cold can literally catch you anywhere, whether you’re dodging traffic or stuck in a classroom, and a jacket can serve as the foremost layer of protection between you and the bitter air.

Stick with warm drinks for the meantime

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Yep, perhaps it’s time to lay off the iced coffee and milk tea for the meantime and stick to good old warm drinks at home — hot tea, or even plain old warm water in favor of icy concoctions. Not only will they help you feel better, but you’ll get to save money, and stay healthy, too. 

Make it an excuse to start exercising

If you’ve been getting behind on doing your fitness regime, make this cold weather an inspiration or excuse to get up and start again. It’ll warm up your core temperature, get your blood running, and, best of all, it’s extremely healthy for your body, physically, mentally, and emotionally — in short, it’s the best way to start your day.

Unleash your inner chef

If you’re not a natural in the kitchen, cooking or doing anything remotely related to that area can be quite a chore. However, in this cold weather, the very practice of cooking may actually be something to look forward to — it’ll definitely warm up your house, and it’ll give you a chance to try out something new and develop a new skill. Either way, it’s definitely a win-win situation. 

And finally, make the most of this once-in-a-blue-moon phenomenon

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Despite the struggles it may bring, the cold weather truly is something altogether out of the ordinary in our local climate, so perhaps the best thing you can do is learn to live with it, and appreciate it while it lasts. Indeed, it’s not everyday that we get to experience international-autumn-like weather, and sooner than we think, summer and all its scorching heat will be at our heels again. With that, it’d be best to live out your best life, and enjoy the perks of this chilly, sweater-weather season to its fullest. 

How are you coping with this #amihan? Share your tips in the comments below.

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