How to dress like a “hypebeast” and a “hypebae”

So what exactly is a “hypebeast” and “hypebae?”

These terms are actually trending for quite a while now, and millennials have adapted it as a part of their everyday dressing. Hypebeast, as Urban Dictionary defines it, is “a slang for someone who is a beast (obsessed) about the hype (in fashion), and will do whatever it takes to obtain that desired hype. Many brands include Supreme, Bathing Ape, Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream, OriginalFake, and many more related to streetwear. Hypebeasts buy their clothes for the logos and brand-name and completely ignores the fact if they personally like the item or not. In general terms, they just buy whatever the brand puts out and dresses to impress others by what brand-name he/she is wearing.” Meanwhile, hypebae is a female version of the term. It used to be associated with people who have “no sense of style” because they simply follow the trends and what’s popular regardless of whether or not the style suits them.

While the terms once had a derogatory meaning, these days, it’s gaining ground as a subculture in fashion. Hypebeasts and hypebaes are now the cool kids as many high fashion designers are targeting this label-obsessed “community” by rebranding their usual haute couture styles and combining refined pieces with street style.

A popular website,, is one of the go-to sites of hypebeasts has extended their site to include hypebaes, saying, “HYPEBAE is at the forefront of a modern landscape shaped by strong women. As an extension of HYPEBEAST, today’s premier online destination for editorially driven commerce and news, HYPEBAE is a women’s editorial division that aims to showcase today’s female leaders within fashion and culture.” So in a sense, hypebae is not just a trendy youth, she is also a strong, empowered woman who is breaking the boundaries of style.

Here are some signs of hypebeast and hypebae styles:

Loud and proud

The 2000’s trend of wearing huge monograms, labels, and logos on shirts and accessories is back in full force. Household brands like Fila, Guess, and Champion that were popular in the 90’s are also having a big resurgence in the scene.

It’s all about “athleisure”

Athleisure is a way of clothing where one wears sporty clothes not just to go to the gym or play sports, obviously. Athletic brands are now worn during night outs or even events, as seen in off-duty looks by models. It’s a comfortable and chic way to go from day to night.

Hypebeasts collect everything

If there’s one thing that these label-crazy hypebeasts are known for, it’s that once they like a brand, they buy all of it. Which is why the brands produce not just clothes, but they also add products for the home, gym, accessories, and many others. It’s not just fashion, it’s a complete lifestyle.

Brand loyalty is a must

Hypebeasts usually prefer to go all out by matching everything they wear using their favorite label. Brands like Supreme, Bathing Ape, and Vetements are at the forefront of this phenomenon.

A mix of high and low

Commercial brands are often worn with more expensive designer pieces to make the whole look more luxurious yet modern.

These brands are also mixed with everyday casual clothes. Jeans are worn with running shoes and sporty jackets are worn over daily basics.


Style comes in squads

Last but not least, hypebeast and hypebaes like to hang out with people with the same style preferences. It’s becoming like a “fandom” where people become friends by sharing the same kind of style.

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