#feedgoals: Instagram hacks for pink/pastel filters

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Contrary to what you may know, there are people who actually take their Instagram accounts seriously like a job. Well, for some, “Instagramming” is actually a career, as bloggers and influencers earn money by posting on their accounts and promoting various products. It’s not really difficult to spot these “expert” Instagrammers: their accounts stand out from the rest with their unique and distinct filters, making them ultimate #feedgoals.

Verniece Enciso’s Instagram

Lately, there have been a lot of bloggers joining the pink/pastel filter bandwagon on Instagram. Accounts of famous bloggers Verniece Enciso and Camie Juan are best examples of these. While Verniece’s Instagram filter brings out the pink and pastel hues, her photos are more subdued and have soft tones. Camie Juan’s photos, on the other hand, have punchier colors with cream undertones.

Camie Juan’s Instagram

Want to get the same girly pink and pastel effects on your Instagram photos? No need to learn the intricacies of Photoshop. All you need to do is install on your phone the top photo editing app that bloggers and influencers trust: VSCO or VSCO CAM. Once you have it on your mobile, just follow the settings in the Instagram hacks below. (Note: You may have to shell out some money for some filters).

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