Gossip Girl trends that are still relevant today

Can you believe that “Gossip Girl” first aired 10 years ago today? They were the budding millennials of their generation, a rebellious group of elite kids that are set to rule the Big Apple. The series itself was quite revolutionary, as it was unafraid to show the privileged and chaotic lives of the rich as they try to fight their way out of the lion’s den.

For the 10th anniversary of “Gossip Girl,” Vanity Fair posted a long tribute to the series about the most stylish Upper East Side students and shared insider details about the stars whose careers catapulted after the show. And if there’s one thing that the main stars Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf were known for, it’s their impeccable taste for fashion. Here are some of the best fashion moments of the show, with styles that are still relevant until now:


Blair is the ultimate preppy chic socialite who is always ahead of the trends. You’ll probably see her on the front rows of haute couture shows in Paris, and sipping champagne with the designers in after parties. After all, her mother is a well-known womenswear designer in the show. Capelets may not be the first item everyone has in mind when it comes to winter wear, but only Blair could pull it off.

Bright Yellow

Before Queen Bey rocked the lime color in her “Lemonade” video, Serena wore hers in a stunning ruffled dress that showed off her curves.

Golden girls

Perhaps the other, more appropriate meaning of “GG” is “Golden Girls,” as both Serena and Blair embody the term.

Sophisticated Florals

Blair has always donned her signature feminine and elegant style, and she made florals look sleek and updated.

Smooth as wine

Boardeaux hue is hot on the runways as of late, and Serena pretty much wore it flawlessly in a bandage dress that fit her like second skin. Meanwhile, Blair had her own version of the elegant color in a ruffled mermaid dress that she wore while she traipsed around Paris.

Black Sequins

When you’re an Upper East Sider, LBDs and long black gowns are practically your nightly uniform. The two frenemies turned heads in this stunning sparkling twinning moment.


It would only make sense that B would be a fan of matching tweed suits, one of Chanel’s signature looks. Karl Lagerfeld would have made her his muse.

Perfect Blush

Even before millennial pink was in vogue, S was a breathtaking sight when she wore a subtle pink ruffled long gown that became one of her most iconic looks.


Edgy details

Serena has always been experimental with her style as she switches back and forth from bohemian and edgy looks. Here she looked mighty fierce in a black pantsuit with big shoulder details.

Ruffles and bows

Blair was always lady-like and chic, but she’s never afraid to go all out. Here she took ruffles to the next level that was revealing yet still refined. Another trend that B always wore was the big pussy bow even before Melania Trump made it a statement piece.

Stunning coats

Who says winter should look all bundled-up and stuffy? Let S and B give you major style inspo with their coat choices.


I could go on and on about the series’ epic outfits, and looking at these incredible fashion moments is making me all nostalgic. And while the main casts are living their own lives (Blake Lively and Leighton Meester are moms now!), it’s great to relive their memorable scenes that were amplified by their individual styles. Check out Vanity Fair’s exclusive interview with the cast 10 years after the show ended here!

Photo credit: The CW

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