Why Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Line is shaking up the makeup industry

It’s no secret that everything Rihanna touches turns to gold. Aside from her music, she extends her unique brand of empowered, sexy, and strong woman into fashion, and now, she’s taking her hand into the beauty business. Last week, she debuted her Fenty Beauty line, and immediately her fans set out to wipe every Sephora shelf clean, just like they would when they buy out all of her concert tickets within minutes. Unlike the usual limited edition makeup collections, Rihanna thought about every kind of beauty to cater. “In every product, I was like, ‘There needs to be something for a dark skin girl. There needs to be something for a really pale girl. There’s needs to be something for someone in-between’,” Rihanna says in the Fenty Beauty Instagram video. “You want people to appreciate the products and not feel like, ‘Oh, it’s cute, but it only looks good on her.'”



Here’s why Fenty beauty is changing the beauty scene:

Boundary-breaking shades

Finding the right shade of foundation is one of the most basic and oftentimes futile attempt for some people, especially when choices are limited. Rihanna wanted to champion diversity when it comes to skin colors, so she released a whopping 40 shades of foundation and concealers that aim to break the boundaries of typical beauty standards.


A new generation of beauty

Instead of featuring the usual celebrity or supermodels as ambassadors for her line, or with her iconic status, Rihanna could have modeled it herself, the Fenty commercial featured a variety of beauties with different ethnic backgrounds. The music was powerful, and it showed the women looking tough and independent.


Shine bright like Rihanna

Another item that made the Internet buzz is the highlighter. The range of highlighters are have a dual function for the face and the eyelids, and it comes, again, in a variety of colors that can suit different skin tones. As the Fenty website describes it, “Light up where you want, when you want. Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter was born to reflect your every mood with its lineup of luminizing solos and duos. With a dose of skin-glorifying color, Killawatt ranges from subtle dayglow to insanely supercharged with shades that were designed for all skin tones.”


Puns for “shining bright like a diamond” like Rihanna won’t stop as multitasking shimmer sticks make it possible. It comes in a variety of vivid shades, and can be used as highlighters or blush.

Confident glow

Another “it” item on her collection is the lip gloss, especially the rosy nude lip color of your future, crafted to be universally flattering on every skin tone and customized with a faint peach scent.

Rihanna worked with Kendo, a brand incubator that also includes Kat Von D Beauty, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Ole Henriksen, and Bite Beauty in its portfolio. And in a report by lifestyle website Popsugar, that reached Fenty’s reps, they confirmed that Fenty Beauty is cruelty-free and it is not available in or to ship to China. In an interview with Riri herself, she said, “We worked really long and hard to get these textures and formulas. Fenty beauty is for everyone—all skin tones and races.”


Photo credit: www.fentybeauty.com

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