These Instagram accounts will inspire you

Running out of ideas for your next Instagram post? Take cues from these creative Instagram accounts that certainly know how to think outside of the box:


Ninelly is a blogger from Russia who started the photo project #MyDressStories, where she showcases the best of both worlds—stunning couture dresses and breathtaking views. She said, “I’ve been traveling throughout the world telling my stories with elegant couture flying dresses. Some of my outfits are created by myself and I try to express my vision of different nature landscapes, cultures and national traditions. I try to make my photos look like an album full of fairy tale stories, that you could read from my pictures.”


Michelle is a  gallery director at Elliott Fouts Gallery, in Midtown, Sacramento. As an avid art collector, she got the idea of matching her outfits with various art works. She shares about how she realized that fashion can imitate art, “While doing some last minute shopping for a dress to wear to an opening in 2013, I stumbled upon a pink ombré Diane Von Furstenburg dress that reminded me an abstraction that was featured in the show. When I arrived to the opening that evening, the likeness was uncanny – it really seemed that a collaboration between the designer and artist had taken place! Needless to say, the match was definitely a topic of conversation that night, so for subsequent openings in 2014 and 2015, I purposely wore dresses that coordinated with specific pieces of art.” She also gathers photos of other people who match stunning backgrounds and other pieces of art.


If you don’t have couture dresses or simply don’t want to be the focus of your shots, let Simone Bramate inspire you to create stories out of your travels. He’s also great at styling his subjects (especially his son) to create whimsical and creative images like you’ve never seen before. He makes the ordinary look exquisite, just like a simple moment of pasta preparation with his son. “This is the game I developed with my son – in the photo – creating forms during the preparation of his lunch, made with the simple colors of the iconic spaghetti with tomato sauce. ”

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