Fun workouts to spice up your weight loss and fitness plan

It’s almost the end of 2017 and you still haven’t achieved your fitness goals. Or you’ve probably stayed on track, yet your progress seemed to have reached a plateau. The holidays are coming so if you want to look great for your parties or if you want to stay fit so you can let loose with all the Christmas treats, better start moving now. And if you’re the type to get bored with the typical exercise routine, here are YouTube and online fitness personalities and celebrity trainers you can follow to give your workouts a boost:

Kayla Itsines

Kayla is a current favorite among millennials for her bikini body workouts and meal-plans. It also helps that she’s always so energetic and looks great in all of her videos, and she makes intense planks, lunges, and push-ups so effortless. Only 26 years old, Kayla has made a strong following on social media, with more than 8 million followers on Facebook and 5 million in Instagram. She knows how to make great content, that’s why a lot of young people just love her. Her Bikini Body Guide is a 12-week exercise and training plan to deliver girls and women the body they have always desired. Kayla noticed many girls are aspiring not for the “bulky and muscular” look, but a lean, healthy looking body. She developed her own set of exercises aimed at helping women achieve a bikini body in the most efficient and effective way possible.


Simone de la Rue

If her sexy-sounding name isn’t enough to make you start working out with her program, maybe the fact that she is one of the trainers of Victoria’s Secret models will. She is known for her program called “Body by Simone,” which combines intense repetitions with graceful dance routines. The programs use individuals’ own body weight and light resistance in the form of small dumbbells and resistance bands to develop long, lean muscle.



Shaun T

Shaun T first rose to fame with his Hip-Hop abs workouts and programs that added a lot of club dancing and Insanity program that’s guaranteed to turn your flabs into abs. You’ll surely find yourself sweating and enjoying his routines, and you won’t notice the time while you dance away. While he’s not really new to the scene, Shaun T’s intense workouts and funny quips will help you keep going.


Amy Rosoff Davis

Ever wonder how Selena Gomez got ride of her baby fat and turned into a toned sexy popstar? Check out her routines straight from her trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis. Her  other clients include Kristin Bell, Taylor Schilling, and Emma Roberts. What’s great about her routines is that it helps tone and make your body have the right curves. By blending these myriad techniques, Amy created a program of intense cardio mixed with yoga and Pilates aimed at forming a long, lean, and strong physique. It’s perfect for those yogis who want to add excitement to their workouts before a calming session.


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