90s kids rejoice! “Hey Arnold!” is back in new jungle adventure flick

Image source: Movie News Guide

Hey, 90s kids! For sure you’ve been glued to the boob tube at one phase of your childhood watching “Hey Arnold!”. After more than a decade, Arnold — the lovable football head that graced the Nickelodeon network from 1996-2004 with his friends, grandparents, and his bully/stalker/secret admirer Helga, is back and this time in a new feature animation.

The new movie, a direct sequel from 2002’s “Hey Arnold! The Movie,” picks up where the series left off, with Arnold and his class off on a school trip to San Lorenzo – the jungle island where his parents disappeared. It will revolve around Arnold’s search for his parents and, Helga might just finally admit her undying love for her favorite frenemy. Craig Bartlett, the series creator, co-wrote the revival.

Nickelodeon showcased the first trailer for the film at the New York City Comic Con on October 6. Check it out below:

Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie” airs on Nickelodeon on November 24.


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