5 times Dua Lipa and Paul Klein made our hearts flutter on Instagram

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For the past few weeks the romantic relationship of Lany’s frontman Paul Jason Klein and Dua Lipa made our hearts flutter in every single way. The two actually met earlier this year during the British Summertime in London’s Hyde Park and they have been reported to be dating since. They also have almost the same tour dates in Asia so they might have been crossing paths then.

As an enthusiast of their music slash relationship, I can’t help but notice how affectionate they both are on each other’s Instagram accounts.

Here are the ‘5 times Dua Lipa and Paul Jason Klein made us say Awww… on Instagram:

  1. When Paul posted this photo of Dua before performing in Madison Square Garden.

2. Dua posting videos of Paul kissing he cheek.


3. Paul’s comments on Dua’s Instagram post… UUHHHHH!!


4. When they both posted a photo captioning it with them calling each other ‘baby’

5. And lastly, Paul’s comment on Dua’s Instagram post. “Marry me?!”


Well we know that these two won’t get married right away since they are both busy with their respective careers but imagine them tying the knot and having cute babies with Dua’s doll eyes and Paul’s curly hair. Oh my!

Aren’t these two the cutest? Paul is definitely #BoyfriendGoals, right? Can I please have one like him?!? Their ship is sailing and I am glad many are on board.  Oh my heart hurts so good!!!

What do you think about their relationship? Leave a comment!

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