Holiday Survival Guide: Tips on how not to overeat this season of goodies

The Holidays are coming up and you know you’ll be in for a treat of glazed hams, pasta, fruit cakes, and a buffet of Christmas and New Year feasts from parties happening left and right. While it’s okay to indulge once a year and have a cheat day, you know you shouldn’t let go and overdo it not just for fear of that dreaded holiday weight gain, but also for the sake of your health. Here are some ways to avoid overeating this season while still enjoying your favorite food:


Eat a little before your party.

Christmas and New Year parties are fun and all, but while you’re having the time of your life catching up with old friends and co-workers, you’ll barely realize you’re already reaching for your second plate or third glass of alcohol! To counter this, try to eat a little before going to the party and never go when you’re completely hungry. This way, you won’t eat too much because your stomach at least has some food in it. But be careful with your food choices too, and balance the contents of your meal.

Meal portions are key.

You shouldn’t deprive yourself, after all, it’s the season of cheers. But you should put a little more thought in what you put on your plate. It’s okay to have one slice of ham, seafood, a bit of mashed potatoes, and a side of veggies, and you can even have a small slice of dessert, too. Have a little of what you want and choose quality over quantity. But if you really want to just enjoy a hefty meal, make sure you don’t eat junk food, sweets, or fatty meals in the days prior to your party. Moderation and portions are always important, so be mindful not to shock your system. Save your extra calories for the special foods you enjoy.

Eat with a small plate.

Research says that eating off of a small plate tricks your mind to thinking that your stomach is already full when you finish its contents.

Get your fill of fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies are high in fiber and low in calories, and they make you feel a bit fuller before you reach for other unhealthier choices. You can have some of the food that you like, but make sure to put greens on more than half of your plate.


Keep up with your exercise routine.

Just because it’s the Christmas break doesn’t mean you can also take time off from your exercise routine. In fact, you should try even harder or add some more extra reps or minutes so you can burn the extra calories that you consumed.


Limit the booze.

It’s a night where glasses of cocktails are clinked for cheers, but always be mindful that these drinks also pack up sugar and calories. Remember, drinking tends to decrease our resistance to temptations, so limit your alcohol or just opt for a glass of wine.


Arrange a fitness party with friends.

Here’s a new idea you might want to try. Schedule a fitness party with family and friends a day before or after your Christmas gathering. Look for fun ways you can sweat it out together so you can bond while burning calories at the same time!

Enjoy your holidays!

While it’s important to be conscious of your diet and portions during holiday dinners and parties, this shouldn’t make you feel pressured or stressed. Allow yourself to enjoy the things that make the holidays so happy and exciting. If ever you do overindulge, there’s always the next day to start over with your health track once again.


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