5 visa-free destinations where you can experience snow

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Ever dreamed of building a snowman and walking in a winter wonderland? If you want to have your own Elsa moment this holiday season, you can pack your bags right away because these winter destinations don’t require  a visa:

Jeju Island, South Korea

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The land of k-drama, k-pop, and best skincare products–what’s not to love? If you want to visit South Korea without the hassle of getting a visa, you can opt to stay at Jeju Island, where Pinoys can enjoy visa-free access. Although Jeju Island is a popular summer destination because of its beaches and beautiful blooms, winter is also a peak season as many flock to the island to enjoy snow. Here, the cold won’t bother you much because it’s said to be warmer than the rest of Korea.

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Among the best places to do here are hike Mt. Hallasan, ride a horse through the snow-covered paths, warm up with coffee at The Monsant Cafe owned by Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, and of course enjoy picturesque views. You can fly to Jeju Island from Asian countries such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


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Taiwan just gave Filipinos visa-free entry a few months back, which means you can visit the country from December to February for a winter holiday. If you want to see snow-capped mountains, head to Hehuanshan and other mountains in the Central Mountain Range.

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If a dash of color is what you’re after, visit Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area where you can see maple leaves in a sea of red, orange, and yellow during the winter months.


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Straddled between China and India, Nepal is also a must-visit during winter. November to early December is the ideal time for trekking and enjoying mountain views. Meanwhile, December to February are the best months to experience snowfall.

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Among the activities to enjoy here are paragliding with the snow-covered mountains as backdrop, trekking, and camping.


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Another country bordered by China and Russia, Mongolia is a popular winter destination. In fact, Mongolia has a Festival of Ice which features various competitions such as Ice Sumo and snow activities by the shores of Lake Huvsgul.


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If you don’t mind long-haul flights, Israel is the best winter destination for you. Here, you can also enjoy a meaningful vacation as you can visit Jerusalem, which is included in the bucket list of most Catholics and Filipinos. Tel Aviv, Upper Galilee and Samaria are must-visits too.

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