Tough Mudder to give Pinoys one-of-a-kind, adrenaline-filled obstacle competition

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Thrill-seeking Pinoys now have something new to be excited about.

First making waves in the United Kingdom, Tough Mudder, also known as the world’s best mud run, has now become a global brand with 120 events staged worldwide so far. And now, it is set to conquer the local sports scene as it promises to give Filipino adrenaline junkies a one-of-a-kind experience that will test their strength, stamina, all around fitness, and mental and physical grit.

After making waves in the United Kingdom, it didn’t take long before Tough Mudder became a global brand. At present, it has staged roughly 120 events worldwide. Now, Tough Mudder is introducing itself to Asia – with the Philippine market and the Filipinos’ insatiable craving for adventure and in mind. The company has partnered with the successful Color Manila team to get it off the ground.

“The Philippines is a great fit for our brand, our product. We have partnered with the Color Manila team to bring it here,” said Nathan Bassett, Operations Head of Tough Mudder UK. “We wanted to build a global tribe. And with the culture here, particularly the fitness culture, we just felt that Tough Mudder will be a good fit.”

Tough Mudder attracts an average of 20,000 competitors in the UK and in other staging of the events worldwide – participants brave through 10 miles of mud with obstacle courses sure to drive one’s wits and physical ability to the edge. The Philippines’ tropical, humid weather is sure to add to the level of difficulty, a sure come-on for those who would want to test how far they can go.

“It is a really unique experience. What sets us apart is we have the best quality obstacles. We are not a race, we are a challenge, For those people who really want to test themselves, they’re gonna find something in Tough Mudder. Whether you’re scared of enclosed spaces or whether you’re afraid of heights, there’s something for everyone to push themselves,” Bassett stated.

Curious? A teaser of Tough Mudder 2018 may be found on its official Facebook page. So start gathering your friends, start warming up, and get #TougherTogether!


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