Sumilon Island: Where the sky and sea meet

Cebu has it all – from the beautiful, friendly people, the delicious lechon, to its breathtaking destinations perfect for those who seek the sun. But what makes this southern region even more fascinating is that it has several other best kept secrets – and Sumilon Island is one of them. On the southern tip of Cebu and off the coast of Oslob, Sumilon is a beach destination that is known as the go-to-place for Butanding or whale shark watchers. But there’s more to this place than swimming with the gentle giant sea creatures. Here are other things you can do in the island where the sky and sea meet:

Beach picnic

After you’ve exhausted yourself from swimming, lounge in the sands and enjoy a gourmet picnic in the most perfect location.


Sumilon provides the best spot for whale shark watching, but you can pull out your camping essentials instead to enjoy the great outdoors.


Another destination within a destination is the Tumalog falls, a secluded place where you can enjoy the sound of the water and refreshing atmosphere of nature. Sumilon also has nature trails where you can do bird watching, so make sure to bring not only your camera, but also your binoculars.

Kayaking and diving

Take an off-the-beaten trail and try kayaking to see the limestone cliffs and scenic views of the island. You’ll discover a lighthouse and as you go farther along, you will see an unexpected marine sanctuary where you can see colorful schools of fish species. Bring your diving gear so you can see  a whole new world under up close.

How to get there: From Cebu,  ride a bus bound for Oslob in South Bus Station and alight in front of Brumini Resort. Travel takes about 3 hours. There’s a boat that will take you to the island and they have rates for groups.

Photo credit: Chad Villarmino

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