Anti-romance films to get you through Valentine’s Day

Single and don’t want to mingle this Valentine’s Day? If you’re not in the mood to see lovey-dovey couples on the streets, girls bringing home life-sized teddy bears, flowers, and chocolates, or wait in long cues at restaurants, we’ve got you covered with good movies that can keep you company. So grab a pint of ice cream or some popcorn and enjoy!

500 Days of Summer

Have you ever experienced one-sided love? Pining for someone you can never really have? Or still feeling lonely even if you’re with your special someone? If your answer is all of the above, then this movie is for you. It might sound grim but the abundance of cuteness, quick humor, and witty lines in this film will be enough to make you smile. Hey, it’s also got Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zoey Deschanel in it! There’s great chemistry between the leads and a poignant story shows that even though love doesn’t always have a happy ever after, but there’s still hope in the end.

Down with Love

This is an adorable film set in the 1960’s about a playboy journalist played by Ewan McGregor and a feminist advice author played by Renee Zelwegger. Catcher Block (McGregor) sets out to prove Barbara Novak (Zelwegger) wrong about being an empowered woman who doesn’t need love and marriage. You’ll find yourself getting engaged in the debates between the two leads, as they bicker in a classic he said, she said story about love. Plus, the fashionable retro costumes are to die for!

I Hate Valentines Day

If the title alone does not make you want to watch this movie, then the amazing main characters will. Nia Vardalos and John Corbett reunite in this hilarious romantic comedy seven years after making “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Genevieve (Vardalos) abides by a strict rule she set for herself that a “relationship” only lasts for five days. But not until she met Greg (Corbett), a charming restaurateur who makes her want to change her mind. Can she keep with her no-strings-attached rule or will her five-day limit change to forever?

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