10 Alternative gift ideas for your loved one this Valentine’s Day

If you look around and start seeing red everywhere, from shops, restaurant decors, on the streets and on your feeds — your hunch is right. Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If you have a special someone and don’t want to buy him or her typical gifts, here are some alternatives:

Instead of flowers….

Give her a cupcake bouquet or edible flower cake instead. Not only are they pretty, they’re also a delicious treat that can be shared.

Instead of chocolates…

Well, chocolates are always a good idea, but here are other options:

A box of assorted donuts

A pint of premium ice cream

For him: a steak gift box 

Instead of greeting cards…

Greeting cards are sweet, but anyone would love a gift card, which is more practical and he or she can choose items that they will like for sure.

Instead of teddy bears…

A makeup gift for her and a grooming day for him would be a great idea!

A bottle of Rosé or red wine is also a good way to start your Valentine’s Day.

Instead of going out…

Treat each other in a spa date! Avoid long cues in romantic restaurants or the movies and just chill out and relieve stress.

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