How to upgrade your red lipstick look

So, you’ve always had a classic red lipstick but you’re getting tired of wearing it the same way. One of the most ubiquitous and well-loved lip color is actually very versatile. Here are some tips and styles to upgrade your rosy look:

Try different variations and shades of red

Add some fun to your look by trying red orange, deep red, red with a tinge of purple or wine.

Try the two-toned ombré look

This has been a trend in Korea for quite a while and it certainly hasn’t died down. Put a darker red shade on the inside of the lips and go for a lighter shade as you swipe on your outer lips. It gives off a gradient, subtle bitten effect.

Say no to matte, say yes to glossy!

Several beauty insiders have proclaimed it: the matte lip trend is dying, and fresh, glossy lips will be in this 2018. High gloss shine is making a comeback, as it was seen on several celebrities in the recent red carpet events such as the Golden Globes, the Grammy’s, and the Oscar’s. This is because it’s easier to wear, and it’s not as heavy as matte. “As long as the lip color has a sheen and some creaminess to it, there aren’t so many rules,”Mario Dedivanovic, makeup expert, says. “When the color is matte and heavy, that’s when you have to start worrying about undertones and all that.”

Use a red lip liner or concealer

If you still prefer a more matte look, try applying red lip liner not just on the outlines of your lips but on most of it. Fill in the remaining area with a matte lipstick. This will make the red look more polished as opposed to completely dry. Another tip is to dab your concealer on your lips to make the red stand out even more!

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