Colorful Instagram accounts to follow for your feed inspo

Instagram may just be an online platform for photos, but it’s also the best place to showcase one’s artistry. If you’re aiming for your IG account to be branded as #feedgoals, here are some accounts to keep on your radar. What they all have in common: colorful feed with special emphasis on pastel hues, pinks, and oranges. The result: a beautifully coordinated feed of lively photos.


Annie’s Bucketlist is owned by a travel blogger currently in Sydney, Australia. Together with her fiance Will, she co-owns the travel blog, which is as visually pleasing as her Instagram account.


Kimi Juan is a photographer from the Philippines whose Instagram feed looks like something from a Wes Anderson film. Since she’s an expert on photos, Kimi sells Lightroom presets online, the same ones she uses for her photos, so your feed can look like hers without the effort.


Verniece Enciso is the other half of the famous bloggers/influencers Enciso sisters. Just like the Instagram accounts mentioned above, Verniece’s feed  features soft pastel hues, creating an overall feminine look.


Vina Guerrero is a fashion and lifestyle blogger from Manila. Her Instagram feed follows the same color patterns as the other mentioned IG accounts, but hers features punchier hues.


Sunnies Studios is a retail company in the Philippines selling shades and eyeglasses. The shop’s IG account also looks like something from a Wes Anderson film, featuring bright, retro colors which are also reminiscent of summer that’s perfect for the brand.

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