How to wear Neon, Milan Fashion Week’s breakout trend

It’s official: Neon is back. The color that was ubiquitous during the 80’s is back in full swing at the recently concluded Milan Fall 2018 Fashion Week and it comes in more chic and modern styles. And just when you think this bright and blinding color is only fit for sportswear, several pieces can be worn for a night on the town or even on a daily basis. Check out these standout pieces straight from the runways:


Miuccia Prada describes her latest collection: This is “for the strength of women going out in the violence. My dream,” she said, “is for women to be able to go out in the street and not be afraid. I wanted to have the freedom exaggerated.”

Photos: Monica Feudi/


Creative Director Francesco Risso went for a balance between nature and technology in his collection which he dubbed “Technoprimitivism.” “The contrast between our irresistible love of innovation and technology,” he said, “and the other side, the movements of the soul that you cannot bring to a technological meaning.”

Photos: Kim Weston Arnold/


Sportmax combined the perfect blend of sports and utilitarian wear.

Photos: Kim Weston Arnold/

While most of these look absolutely stunning, runway shows are a result of styling, shock value and overall showmanship that do not necessarily translate to a wearable, everyday style. So how can you ride on the neon trend without looking like a highlighter? Here are some style inspirations:

Wear only one neon item as a statement piece

Balance it out with black

Pair it with jeans

Don’t be afraid to go all out!

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