Sun-kissed beauty: Summer skin care essentials and where to buy them

Summer’s here and even though you’re raring to go out and frolic on the beach and under the sun, there’s no excuse to skip your regular beauty routine. In fact, you need to work twice as hard to protect, restore and hydrate your skin in the heat. Keep your skin fresh and healthy with these easy-to-find products:

Sun protection

It cannot be emphasized enough—whether it’s rainy, cloudy, or sunny—wear sunscreen! Fact: After just a couple of hours your body and facial lotion’s SPF will wear off. If you’re heading outside for a long time, double up with sunscreen and keep re-applying every hour or so. Sweat can also wipe off the sunscreen, so make sure to choose a water-proof product or mist.

UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF130 is non-sticky, water-based, and easy to spray in hard-to-reach areas. Available in Watson’s for P599.
Yadah Oh My Sunblock applies with a matte finish, so there’s no more worrying about that buttery shine we so often get with other sunblocks. Available in Beauty Bar for P475.


Belo Sun Expert After Sun Ge. A nourishing formula infused with almond oil and skin vitamins that relieves sun-stressed skin from UV radiation damage and restores natural skin moisture. Available in Watson’s for P259.


We’re all familiar with the summer sticky situation: heat and humidity during summer causes the oil glands to work overtime, thus producing more oils and making your skin vulnerable to dirt and dust. It’s no wonder why pimple breakouts are also common this season. It could also be the other way around because you can have dry skin due to the hot weather. Keep your skin vibrant and clean this summer with these products that work double time:

Human Nature Balancing Oil Facial wash has lemon and Manila Elemi Oil that fights skin aging and builds collagen. Best of all, this product is all-natural! Available in leading department stores for P85.
Burt’s Bees Rosewater Toner has mild astringent properties, beautiful aroma, combined with Aloe Vera and Glycerin in this gentle formula. It removes lingering traces of face cleanser and any trapped dirt, oil and make-up, leaving your face feeling naturally clean and refreshed. Available in Beauty Bar for P995.
Burt’s Bees Cleansing Towelettes are perfect when you’re on the go and in need of a quick refreshing. Available in Beauty Bar for P625.
Exfoliating Cream HUILE PRECIEUSE is good to use once a week to exfoliate the skin to make it clearer and smoother. Available in Beauty Bar for P295.


After a stressful day under the sun, you need to remedy and restore it before it takes a toll on your skin. Renewal and repair from the ravages of the heat should be done after thorough cleansing and mild exfoliation. Reset your beauty program with these products to get a revitalized complexion:

Pure Derm Collagen Mask has Aloe Vera that has cooling and soothing properties for skin. It’s a great addition to your night skin care routine, best of all it’s affordable! Available in Watsons for P79.


Clinique Turnaround Overnight moisturizer. It’s called overnight because it has energy infusion essences that optimizes nighttime renewal. Available in Beauty Bar and Rustan’s Beauty for P2,950.


Doll Face Defend. Invest in a good anti-aging cream because this will be your best friend in fighting those dreaded wrinkles. This has a potent polypeptide-based moisture cream that helps stimulate collagen production, replenish moisture and effectively improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and skin aging sign. Available in Beauty Bar for P780.
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