8 Things to do when you can’t afford to go on a vacation this long holiday

So it’s the first day of the long Holy Week holiday and you’re sitting at home browsing through your friends’ vacation-filled Facebook or Instagram posts and eventually start feeling sorry for yourself. If you decided to stay in because you couldn’t afford to go to a beach getaway while everyone else is out there having fun under the sun, here are ways you could still make the most out of the days off work:

Learn to enjoy your own company.

Make this your well-deserved “me time.” You don’t have anyone to wait for or consider, you can pick your own list of activities you want to do, choose whatever it is you want to eat or spend on. If you’re vacationing with a group, you’ll surely go through the cumbersome process of budgeting and deciding based on everyone’s opinion.


Make your own version of a staycation place.

Buy some essentials: ice cream, snacks, and some drinks. Make your bed look fluffy and inviting. Fill your home with things that will make you not to want to go out.

Reorganize and declutter your room.

Take this time to do the things you hate most but have to do: cleaning your room. You will feel refreshed and more organized. Try the KonMari method, a way of life and a state of mind that encourages minimalism, letting go of the things that no longer spark joy in your life. After decluttering you will surely feel lighter and eager to start new. Find out more here: https://konmari.com/about/the-method/

Engage in some art and DIY session

Bring out your old drawing and painting materials and do some art work. It will calm your mind and enhance your creativity. If you’re not really the painting type, check your closet for clothes that you no longer wear or pieces that are out of style. Give them an update by doing DIY cuts and designs that you can not only help you recycle your clothes but also find another use for them.

Chill and catch up on the latest TV series or movies that will make you feel good.

Read some books

Speaking of catching up, try to finish the book you’ve been meaning to read but kept relegating it to a dusty corner because of your busy schedule.

Make your own beach bod

Instead of sitting all day and envying everyone’s beach bods, why not try to make your own? YouTube is your best friend when it comes to looking for workout sessions that’s guaranteed to make you sweat and tone up.

Indulge in a refreshing beauty therapy

Fill your tub with a relaxing bath bomb. Put a detoxifying clay mask on your face. Exfoliate. Apply hair repair cream and let it sit for a few minutes while you relax in the tub. Give yourself that much-needed beauty boost. You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and with that no-beach vacation glow!

Photo sources: Pexels, http://www.beebee.info/

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