Local celebrity fit inspirations and their secrets to achieving a beach body

Summer is here and more than the rising temperatures, something else is causing a blazing heat: celebrities who flaunt their beach bodies on social media. But having an incredibly toned physique wasn’t easy for these celebs, as they are known to work hard and sweat it out even with their busy schedules. If you’re looking for that extra motivation to get off your seat and do some sit-ups and start living a healthy lifestyle, these stars just might inspire you:

Jodi Santamaria

Mom and noted actress Jodi Santamaria may look like she’s in a beach destination, but she revealed in an Instagram post that she’s just getting a tan in her balcony. The 35-year-old stunner keeps it strong and active by lifting weights in the gym and combining it with yoga. She shared, “I like to stay active so that I can be strong from head to toe.”


Lovi Poe

If it’s toned abs we’re talking about, Lovie Poe would have to be on top of the list. She does hardcore Reform Pilates classes and suspension workouts. Her advice? “Move it. Stretch it. Nourish it. Hydrate it. Pay attention to it – the better our bodies feel, the happier and more productive we are…”


Catriona Gray

The newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines candidate walks onstage in bikini competitions effortlessly because of her dedication to clean eating and dedicated yoga and pilates sessions.


Megan Young

This beauty queen combines weight training, pilates, and yoga to keep her hour glass figure and strong body. She shared on Instagram, “When I can’t do my regular weight training, I do pilates every so often. I was lucky to get an hour off work today to squeeze in a workout. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


Markki Stroem

Markki is a Filipino-Norwegian finalist in ABS-CBN’s Pilipinas Got Talent Season 1, and while his amazing talent captivated the judges and the audience, his good looks and buff physique also earned him points. Now he’s busy taking on modeling gigs and acting roles. He hits the gym regularly to lift weights and do cardio, but for a role, he gained six kilos (13 pounds) in two months in muscle. He shared, “Dedication is key to anything you do… Never do something half hearted.”

JC De Vera

JC is a multi-talented actor and host on camera, but off cam, he’s a savvy businessman. He owns a successful burger joint in the metro, and with all that burger tasting, he keeps his six-pack abs by doing boxing and playing basketball.



Joseph Marco

One of ABS-CBN’s most watched leading man builds his famed muscles by combining resistance training and basketball.


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