5 Avengers: Infinity War movie theories that are leaving us mind blown

One of the most talked about movies has finally hit Philippine cinemas, and it’s safe to say that Marvel fanatics have gone in a frenzy.  Avengers: Infinity War, the sequel to previous Marvel movies The Avengers (2012) and Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), could very well be the most anticipated flick of the year and just as in the past, many movie geeks have been scouring the internet for fan theories — a habit that’s just hard t0 break. To get you more pumped before hitting the big screen, here are five Avengers: Infinity War Theories that are making fans think twice about its possibility:

1. The Locations of The Infinity Stones Spell Out ‘THANOS’

Fans have been hovering around this theory for a while and have established it over a pattern they noticed in previous movies. According to fans, the locations wherein the stones have been found spell out ‘THANOS’. ‘T’ stands for Tesseract where the Space Stone was found, ‘A’ stands for Aether wherein the Reality Stone was found, the Time Stone is kept in ‘N’ which is Doctor Strange’s necklace, the Power Stone can be found in the Orb which represents ‘O’, lastly ‘S’ is represented by Loki’s scepter which holds the Mind stone.

The only stone missing would be the Soul Stone, and many believe it would be found in a location that starts with ‘H’ since it’s the only letter missing to spell the word, ‘THANOS’. Some movie geeks have even gone as far as theorizing that ‘H’ might represent a heart; either the Heart of Wakanda or Hela, which is the villain of Thor: Ragnarok.

2. A Hero Will Die

Another theory that has been making headlines is the fact that a hero will die in the movie. Fans believe that because Thanos is so powerful, it’s most likely that at least one protagonist will find their doom. They’ve also linked the movie’s plot to real-life circumstances, namely actors who may not want to pursue their role in any future Marvel movies. Because Robert Downey Jr. has expressed previously that he is looking forward to taking off his mask for good, which is why fans think that it’s possible that they’ll be bidding goodbye to Iron Man in the upcoming movie.

However, since Chris Evans recently announced that the 2018 installment of Avengers will be his last as Captain America, the multiple fan theories that say Steve Rogers will die is also a huge possibility.

3. Scarlet Witch Is Going To Switch Sides

Fans have been in a limbo with Scarlet Witch, although she’s helped out the Avengers, there’s a huge possibility that she’ll turn her backs on them. It would be of no surprise too because of everything she’s gone through. Her parents were killed and she’s always blamed Tony Stark, meanwhile her brother was killed while she was helping the Avengers.

4. Loki Will Be Killed By Thanos

Many fans believe that in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie, there is great likelihood that Loki will be killed by Thanos as he’ll be helping out the Hulk. In a particular scene in the movie trailer, Loki is scene handing over the Tesseract to Thanos. But a fan theorized that the real motive behind the move was actually to send Hulk to Sanctum Sanctorum. It could be the very betryal that could cause his (possible) death.

5. The New Captain America Will Be Bucky Barnes

Since it’s pretty much set in stone that Chris Evans is playing Captain America for the last time, fans believe that there’s a possibility he could be handing over the mantle of Captain America over to his best friend, Bucky Barnes. Since the actor playing Sebastian Stan isn’t leaving the Marvel movie franchise anytime soon, it’s safe to assume that he could be taking on this new role.

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