LOOK: KC Montero’s Hilarious Replies To Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles’ Naked Photos

Aubrey Miles Troy Montero In Palawan

Family–they’re awesome. Although sometimes members of our family, like our parents, can be a tad bit embarrassing online. But for KC Montero, it’s his brother Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles’ naked photos on Instagram that has been driving him to the edge. Troy and Aubrey have been sharing their photos throughout their Batangas and Palawan trip on Instagram. The couple decided to bare it all–quite literally–as they have been posting naked photos of themselves against scenic backdrops. Instead of going on a rant, brother KC Montero decided to take things into a hilarious turn. Browse through some of his wittiest responses on Instagram to make your day.

KC must have not expected that Troy would be releasing more than one round of naked photos, so he was quick to respond by turning the photo into a funny video. The actor captioned the video saying, “When you want your brother to stop posting all these uncalled for naked photos… ”

KC didn’t leave out Aubrey from all the fun either since he made a version just for her.

Just when KC probably thought that things would get worse, he realized his brother and girlfriend aren’t done posting their series of naked photos. So KC was quick to catch up, with funny videos that is. Even kidding by using hashtags on his caption that says #imdying #CanIUnfollowMyBrother.

While everyone thought the witty videos have come to end, KC posts another and decided to “release the kraken”.

If there’s anything to learn about KC’s dilemma, it’s probably that seeing your family’s naked photos online isn’t always the best experience. And also, never underestimate a brother with rad video editing skills.

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