LOOK: How Iron Man’s suits have evolved throughout the years

Iron Man Suits Throughout The Years

If you’ve been with Tony Stark from the beginning, you’d know that his now red and gold iconic suit was not always, well, red and gold. Aside from the obvious color choice, his suit also underwent countless upgrades. From his initial dilemmas of creating a suit that can withstand utter cold temperatures whenever he ambitiously decided he could fly further than his suit can withstand, to upgrades in the most recent Marvel film that allowed him to actually transport to other planets.

There have been numerous Iron Man suits to say the least, in Iron Man 3 alone, Tony Stark was already able to create 42 versions. By the time Spider-Man: Homecoming rolled out, Stark was already sporting the Mark 47. Catered to the problems or need Stark was facing, he always had to customize or create an upgrade to battle any opponent he’d be faced with. While some upgrades were a given since they are based on the plot’s obvious challenges, fans were also always surprised with unforeseen upgrades that prove why Stark is basically a genius when it comes to his creations.

It’s safe to say that aside from its aesthetic and function, the suit revolved as well around Stark’s purpose as Iron Man. Though the suit first came to like due to his need to escape terrorists, he found further purpose in giving Iron Man justice by protecting the people. From the initial clunky suit, to his now sleek and almost indestructible design, let’s take a walk down memory lane and browse through the different Iron-Man suits that made history.

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