7 uniquely Filipino things Pinoys do during the summer season

Filipinos have always been big on tradition–may it be during the Christmas season or simply personal family practices. Which is why it’s not surprising that even during the summer season, there are certain activities we do that are uniquely Pinoy. Probably having one of the hottest climates around the world come summer, it’s safe to say that we’ve done the best we can to beat the heat. Here are seven uniquely Filipino summer activities that will make you LOL.

1. Sell or buy ice candy

No matter what age one may be, ice candy will always be a household favorite. It’s a definite part of the summer checklist and probably a memory that every Pinoy kid can recall during summer breaks.

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2. Create an improvised swimming pool

Not everyone can afford to go to outings, so there are a lot of families that opt for an improvised solution: inflatable pools. Malls everywhere stock up on pump-up pools since kids at home can enjoy cool water at the convenience of their backyard. It may not have a waterslide or floaters, but to many Filipinos, it does the trick.

3. Participate in Santacruzan

Every summer, the Philippines celebrates a festival called Flores De Mayo, and part of it is the Santacruzan. Santacruzan as many know is a ritual pageant, it honors and commemorates the search for the Holy Cross. However, aside from its historic and religious background, many Filipinos remembers the Santacruzana as a time of grandeur ball gowns. It’s quite a common scene to have ladies from all over the barangay participate in the said event whenever the summer season rolls out.

4. Eat halo-halo

Halo-halo is one of the most popular Pinoy desserts, it also happens to be a dessert that requires to be refrigerated. A popular choice among Filipinos when the weather gets hot, a summer without halo-halo is never complete.

5. Get circumcised

Now, this may be a strange activity but it’s definitely one that many boys can relate to. Because the summer season means summer break, it’s the best time for boys to get circumcised.

6. Create a make-shift “aircon”

The electric bill usually soars midyear since air-conditioners are in full blast. So many innovative Filipinos have opted for a cheaper solution. The age-old technique of placing a bowl of ice in front of the electric fan for cooler air is a very common practice come mid year.

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7. Make summer outing plans that eventually won’t push through

While the barkada or even family usually has the intention of going on summer outings, more often than not, the plans just stay as plans. Chats are usually filled with links of proposed places to visit but nobody really takes the effort to plan everything, or even when someone does, the plans up being cancelled because of an “emergency”.

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