6 uncrowded beaches to visit near Manila before summer ends

beaches near Manila

Just like that, we’re down to the last two weeks of May, which means summer is almost over! Before you go back to reality and before typhoons start hitting the country, make the most out of summer by heading to these not-so-popular beaches near Manila. Bonus: They’re quiet and you’ll likely have the place to yourselves.


Tali Beach in Nasugbu

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There’s more to Batangas than the usual spots people flock to such as Pico de Loro and Anilao. Tali Beach, located in Nasugbu, is an exclusive subdivision surrounded by numerous beaches. A two- to three-hour drive away from Manila, it’s an ideal place for big groups to enjoy a private beach getaway with family and friends.

Although Tali Beach is a private subdivision, most homeowners here rent out their houses on Airbnb, so you and your friends/family can have an entire house all to yourselves. There are some beachfront properties which give you easy access to the beaches, while some houses are just a few minutes walk away.

Photo credit: Colz Vidal

Among the highlights you can enjoy in Tali Beach is a visit to five beaches in one day without the need to go island hopping. Since the subdivision is surrounded by different beaches, you can easily walk or drive to each one. These beaches are Main Beach, Sunset Beach, Palm Beach, Pebble Beach, and Marina Beach. Sunset Beach is the popular site for cliff diving where you can jump to the beach from various heights.

Activities: beach bumming, beach hopping, cliff diving, sunset watching, picture taking

Cons: Some of the beaches are rocky, so you need to wear aqua shoes; strict homeowner policies such as no bringing of food/picnic on the beach, no videoke in early morning and siesta hours, etc.

Isla Verde

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Another off-the-beaten track in Batangas, Isla Verde is located along Verde Island Passage, between Luzon and Mindoro. A diver’s paradise, it’s home to a marine sanctuary where various underwater creatures abound. To get there from Manila, you’d have to drive or ride a bus for 1.5 to two hours and hop on a boat bound for Verde Island. Don’t expect luxury here or a perfect white sand beach, though. Here, the attractions lie underwater, and most of the accommodations are modest.

Activities: snorkeling, diving, sunset watching

Cons: The beach is not ideal for beach bumming or picture taking unless you venture underwater; accommodations have modest facilities

Binukbok View Point

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Another not-so-popular beach destination in Batangas, Binukbok is located in Bauan, which is also around two to three hours’ drive from Manila. Just like Isla Verde, the main attractions here can be found underwater, as the beach is home to marine creatures and beautiful corals. If you’re lucky, you can swim with a turtle here. The highlight here is unlimited diving, which means you can dive all day for a fixed price unlike in other places where diving is limited for a specific number of hours only. However, there are no resorts here; you can only camp by the beach via tents.

Activities: snorkeling, diving, sunset watching

Cons: Simple facilities, not-so-picturesque beach unless you venture underwater


Silanguin Cove

While Zambales is popular for nearby beaches in San Antonio such as Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa, there are two other beaches that are not that frequented by tourists. One of these is Silanguin Cove, which is the farthest among the beaches in Pundaquit in San Antonio, Zambales. Just like Anawangin and Nagsasa, Silanguin Cove has grayish-white sand made of volcanic ash, but its backdrop of reddish hills and agoho trees make up a picturesque sight. Unlike the other beaches, Silanguin is not bustling with tourists, offering you plenty of room to camp.

Activities: swimming, beach bumming, camping, island hopping, trekking

Cons: modest facilities; huge waves in some parts because the beach faces the West Philippine Sea

Talisayin Cove

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This is another beach that’s typically included in an island hopping tour in San Antonio, Zambales. However, it’s not as popular as Anawangin and Nagsasa which makes it ideal for those who don’t like touristy beaches. The quiet beach offers a laid-back vacation amidst peaceful waters and charming views. Like Silanguin Cove, you can get to Talisayin via a three- to four-hour bus ride.

Activities: swimming, beach bumming, camping, island hopping, trekking

Con: modest facilities

Magalawa Island

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If you’re tired of the beaches in Pundaquit, you can head to another not-so-popular beach in Zambales which is Magalawa Island. Located in Palauig, Magalawa is a small island featuring white sand and a host of underwater creatures. Here you’ll see a lot of starfish near the shore, and you can also snorkel from a raft and enjoy the sight of numerous fishes. There are only two resorts here: Ruiz Resort which only offers tents for camping and Armada Resort which offers tents as well as fan and air-conditioned rooms for an affordable price. Unlike the Pundaquit beaches though, Magalawa Island is farther, as the bus ride from Manila to Palauig could take six to seven hours.

Activities: swimming, snorkeling, beach bumming, camping

Cons: modest facilities, small beach




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