June 2018 Netflix releases: Shows and originals you shouldn’t miss

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June’s here, which means you get a breather to the usual Netflix shows and movies you’ve been watching. The new month brings a fresh batch of exciting series–from comedy, sci-fi, thriller, and more. Here are our top picks:

Sense8 Final Episode (June 8)

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It’s a bittersweet month for “Sense8” fans as the show will bid goodbye this June. The show, which was previously cancelled but was brought back, will have its final episode so fans could have a proper closure. The final episode will reportedly be two hours long, and it’s expected to wrap up all plot lines of the show.

The Staircase (June 8)

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, you probably received a notification for the new Netflix original that’s coming on June 8: “The Staircase.” “The Staircase” is a docu-series based on the real-life story of author Michael Peterson who was accused of murdering his wife. The new Netflix show is actually a repackaging of the original documentary, which aired back in 2004. It will include newly filmed episodes and will show what transpired in the trial which spanned for 16 years.

Luke Cage Season 2 (June 22)

Marvel superhero Luke Cage will have another run this month as Season 2 of the Netflix TV series returns on June 22. The new season will unleash “the bulletproof man’s” strength as he fights bad guys with new partners. This time you’ll see him in the current setting, unlike in Season 1 which tackled his origin.

GLOW Season 2 (June 23)

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The hilarious Netflix show “GLOW” will see the female wrestlers finally take the main stage after training in Season 1. When asked about what will happen in the new season, star Alison Brie said, “We’re dressed in our wrestling characters almost all of every episode. It’s a lot more behind the scenes of the making of the show. There’s more on the production side and much less about learning how to wrestle.”

Bring out the popcorn!

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