Ariana Grande just went blonde; see her hair transformations through the years

When someone says Ariana Grande, besides the powerful vocals, you instantly think of her iconic high ponytail. After wearing such hairstyle for several years though, Ariana finally changed her look, mainly for the July 2018 British Vogue cover. The young diva went from black hair to blonde and let her hair down (literally), which was a refreshing change from her usual ‘do.

Did a double take on Ari’s new look? Look back at her transformation throughout the years, when she mainly used to wear her hair down.


Back in October 2008, Ariana wore her black curls loud and proud.


From 2009 to 2010, she let go of the curls, going for straight, red hair.


By 2011, she went back to the curls, which made her red hair color stand out more.


By September 2011, she went back to a darker color, before going lighter again in 2013.


This is when we started seeing her high ponytail, though she would still occasionally mix it up with other hairstyles.


2014 was the high time of her signature hairstyle, which carried on in the succeeding years–until now. Whether she’ll keep her “make-under” look from the British Vogue cover or she’ll revert to her usual high ponytail style, we’ll all find out soon enough.

What’s your favorite Ariana Grande hairstyle?


Photo credit: PopSugar

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