Hottest K-Pop styles you can wear in real life

K-Pop fashion styles

South Korean drama, music, food, beauty, and culture in general  have become so popular outside the country that the rest of the world is looking towards it for the latest trends. K-Pop is no longer a foreign concept, with boy bands and girl groups that have crossed cultural and language barriers to bring not only highly-addicting music but also unique sartorial styles. Though it may seem like only Koreans can pull off their mixing and matching of unlikely pieces, there are several creative ways on how to incorporate the ultimate signature K-Pop styles in your wardrobe:

Pop of color

If there’s one thing that makes K-Pop music videos and performances mesmerizing, it’s the colorful costumes and attires they wear that amplifies their appeal. Here are some items you can try:

Statement jackets

K-Pop fashion styles

US Billboard chart-topping and record-breaking group BTS always adds this staple in their varied yet cohesive style: printed blazers or bomber jackets with unexpected designs.

Pastel eyecandy

If you’re not too keen on wearing clashing colors, pastels are softer, easier-to-wear alternatives. You can wear a pastel sweater or a bottom for that youthful, pretty look like girl group Red Velvet.

K-Pop fashion styles K-Pop fashion styles

K-Pop fashion styles

Stylish sportswear

Athleisure is another signature style that most K-Pop artists wear not only for their comfort factor but also for its cool, effortless vibe. Boy band Winner, known for hit songs and as a style icon in their own right, always wears casual and laidback sports-inspired attire while Meki Weki debuted with a fun, sporty concept.

K-Pop fashion styles

K-Pop fashion styles


Uniform look

In K-Pop, the uniform has transformed from being a daily school wear to a modern performance look like girl group Twice’s. But if you don’t want to look like a middle-school student, add statement items one at a time such as an A-line skirt, and a button down shirt, beret, and loafers.

In Korea, the uniform has transformed from being a daily school wear to a modern every day look. An A-line skirt is a must, and is paired with a button down shirt or a simple long-sleeved top, beret, and loafers.

K-Pop fashion look

Florals with an edge

Taking floral style a bit further is girl group Black Pink, who are known for their fashion forward outfits. Mix and match ladylike florals with edgier pieces like a dark belt, pants or booties.

K-pop fashion styles

K-Pop fashion styles

Ripped Jeans

Distressed denim is the perfect casual wear that can take you from day to night, which is why many K-Pop stars choose it as their go-to outfit for any occasion.

kpop fashion styles

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