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This Sunday, we’ll be celebrating the fathers in our lives–the man in the house, every daughter’s first love, and our own superhero. While every dad may be different, we celebrate all types of fathers–from the strict, to the workaholic, to the techie, to the playful pop, and more.

In the local entertainment industry, we salute the cool celebrity dads who stand out because of their extraordinary relationships with their sons/daughters, their funny antics on social media, and their unique but endearing way of tackling fatherhood. Here are some of them:

Doug Kramer

I super love your blanket Scarlett! 😂😂

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He may be a basketball jock, but on social media he comes off more as a stage father to his three equally popular kids. If not for his habit of taking videos of his kids, documenting their antics, and posting them on social media, the Kramer kids may not be as popular today.

If you follow #TeamKramer, you also know that it’s mainly Doug who teaches the Filipino language to their kids. A good example of a cool dad, Doug would do anything with and for his kids, including wearing a funny costume or using a “Frozen” blanket.

Dingdong Dantes

Dead na Dead sa iyo, @marianrivera!😉 #SidAndDeadpool #SidAndAyaSecondWeek

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Another young father to an adorable kid, Dingdong is a combination of a sporty and artsy dad, dabbling in sports such as biking and running and arts such as filmmaking and photography.

Clingy kami. 😂

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However, what he’s most into are his girls–his charming daughter Zia and his equally gorgeous wife Marian Rivera, who are his favorite subjects both in photography and his social media accounts.

Drew Arellano

Loco like Papa. Uh-oh. #LilLoco very soon. #wearvamos

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Also a young dad who’s into sports and travel, Drew doesn’t let his job get in the way of fatherhood. A hands-on dad to Primo, Drew is also fond of documenting every milestone of his first kid on Instagram.

Gone fishing!

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While Drew is game for any kind of adventure, he’s also down to bonding with his kid, whatever the activity may be.

Richard Gomez

#throwbackpic @gomezjuliana

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He may be older than the rest of the fathers on this list, but do not underestimate his being tech-savvy. On Instagram, you’ll often see him trying to capture in a video his wife Lucy and daughter Julianna.

Strolling down Pacific Beach @gomezjuliana @lucytgomez @piacampos

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The operative keyword here is trying, because his girls are very elusive when it comes to the camera. The result: cute, funny, and candid moments with his family–or him by his lonesome. LOL.

Zoren Legaspi

while waiting for an old friend from Vegas 😎😎😎

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Last on the list of coolest celebrity dads is the father of the gorgeous twins Mavy and Cassy: Zoren Legaspi. His kids may be in their adolescent years already, but Zoren doesn’t seem to age, which could be due to his sporty and healthy lifestyle. Just like the other dads mentioned above, Zoren’s fond of taking pictures and videos of his kids and wife, even in their most unguarded moments.


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A funny, best friend type of dad, Zoren can be often seen goofing around with his kids and equally wacky wife Carmina.

Advance Happy Father’s Day, daddies!

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