Party girl trends from Paris Hilton are all you ever need in your closet

Paris Hilton clothing collectin

If you’re well-versed in the pop culture indicators of the early 2000s, you’ll probably recognize the widely popular catch phrase, “That’s hot.” Even before the reign of the reality TV family, Kardashians and their glamorous yet kooky lives, Paris Hilton was the queen of everything. She was probably one of the first socialites to ever become famous for being famous, as the spunky and outrageous heir to the Hilton hotels and property developments. But over the years Paris has shown that she is not the “dumb rich blonde” everyone assumed her to be. She eventually moved on to explore her passions: making her own business ventures, recording music, trying out being a DJ, and now she’s a designer for her own brand of clothing. In a collaboration with Bohoo, Paris designed a whopping 70-piece collection comprising golden swimsuits, hoop earrings, bedazzled chokers—it’s everything you need to look like a party girl like “The Simple Life” star. She said in an interview, “I still have my fun Barbie style, but I’m a businesswoman. So I always like to dress up for the occasion.”

Here are some of the throwback looks that Paris is bringing to life once again:

Pink is forever

Even before the mean girls started wearing pink on Wednesdays, Paris was wearing it all day, every day, and the collection features a huge number of versatile looks in her favorite color.

Remember the Juicy Couture matching sweats combo? It’s back with a vengeance.

Glam Girl

An outfit is not Paris Hilton unless it’s shiny and sparkling.

Updated wearable looks

Here’s a sneak peek at what she designed for today’s Instagram-loving millennials. Her signature “That’s hot” is now transformed to “That’s lit.”

Photo credit: Bohoo

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