Crazy Beautiful: The best and the worst beauty trends in 2018 so far


Beauty trends come and go, but in this age of Instagram, various looks have enjoyed the spotlight with millennials constantly jumping in the bandwagon of whatever’s hot on social media. The popularity of DIY beauty hacks, beauty bloggers, and just the simple act of looking for the latest inspo online,  gave birth to easily accessible makeup ideas. Some beauty trends, however, have made us scratch our heads. Granted, some of them are quite creative, but others are just downright bizarre.

Fishtail brows

If the name wasn’t enough to get your attention, maybe this actual look will. A little concealer and brow liner are used to create a space on  the eyebrows and they are shaped to look like fishtails.

Halo brows

Again, eyebrows have come full circle in different variations this year, and after fishtail, the halo brows were born.


Garden brows

This one is rather pretty but one could imagine the effort and time spent by these beauty bloggers to create this dreamy look that is inspired by Spring. Allure describes it as “the look that features whimsical garden-themed accents fit for a fairy, including tiny flowers and butterfly stickers intricately placed on and around the brows, as well as a lush-green base that imparts a grassy effect. ”


Flower eyeliner

This is probably inspired by the trend mentioned above.

Popsugar/Times of India

Yellow blush

If done right, the yellow blush look is quite chic and fashion forward, but if done wrong, it might look like you just ate a lot of Cheetos!


Royal lip art

These Meghan Markle and Prince Harry fans took it to the extreme by commemorating their royal wedding with a lip art. Makeup artist Jazmina Daniel created this look based on the couple’s first kiss.


Instagram/Getty Images

Fish scale hair

This is probably a look that is best matched with the fishtail brows.


Glitter everything

Glitter face first came to the scene when models hit the Giambattista Valli fall runways in Paris wearing a face-full of duo-chrome glitter. Soon, YouTuber vloggers started recreated their own “shiny” look!

Getty Images/YOUReverydayERIN

Glitter lip and glitter roots

Mashable/Amys Makeup Box

Watercolor hair

This hair trend is made through the so-called a color misting technique that aims to mimic water colors and their seamless blending.

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