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Why Join SnippetX?

If your blog site or website is featured on SnippetMEdia app, you get to:

* Increase your reach to a minimum of 350,000++ users
* Get a boosting budget based on your performance
* Bragging rights, as you get to be among the first batch of SnippetX members

If you contribute original content for SnippetX, you get the same three benefits mentioned above, plus the following:

* In-app push notification of your content so it gets even wider reach
* Content collaboration: If you have good content project ideas, we'll help you co-produce it
* Automatic participation in Gamification/Contests with Incentives (i.e. travel, GCs, gadgets, etc.)

4 Easy Steps to Contribute Content:

1. Fill out the form below and attach your original content (articles, photos, videos, etc.). For articles, please include photos to be used in the write-up.
2. SnippetMEdia editors will review and/or edit your submission. Editors will contact you via email if there are concerns.
3. Approved submissions will be published on this site and the SnippetMEdia app. Authors of approved content will be notified via email.
4. Approved content will appear in the app within 48 hours after it's published on this site.


1. Applicants must have a good command of the language/dialect he/she will be using.
2. To be featured on SnippetX, your blog site/website must be regularly updated. For dormant sites, you must agree to post new content (or update/rehash old/previous posts) once they’re onboarded to SnippetX.
3. Blog sites/websites must have a good balance between PR/sponsored content and original works.
4. SnippetMEdia will have exclusive rights to the submitted content for one year. Content submitted to SnippetX cannot be published on other websites, blogs, or platforms.
5. “Self-censorship”
- Profanities/vulgar words and nudity are highly discouraged
- Images, videos, music used for content must be properly credited if they are not owned by the applicant

For questions or concerns, email snippetx@snippetmedia.com. For more information, click here.

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