7 Christmas gift ideas for anyone who’s recently had their heart broken

The holidays are the perfect time to show your loved ones that you care. But what if they’re not exactly in a festive mood because of a recent breakup or rejection? You either have two options: be a supportive friend and let him or her cry it out, or be that reality-biting friend and just laugh it out!

Here are some ideas:

Indoor Plants

Nothing adds more to a gloomy feeling than an equally dark and soulless house. Brighten up your friend’s room or living area with indoor plants that can also perk up anyone’s mood. Houselogic.com says, “Studies suggest that stocking your home full of humble houseplants can boost your mood, big time — not to mention make your space feel cleaner, brighter, and healthier.” And there’s actual science that backs it up. The site continues: “Scientists agree that houseplants likely improve your outlook. Research suggests that plants have a positive effect on stress reduction, pain tolerance, and physical discomfort — but environmental psychologists aren’t exactly sure why this happens. It could be that plants simply make a room more colorful and attractive. Or, an indoor brush with nature may provide the same natural high and stress relief people feel in the great outdoors. There’s even a name for the phenomenon — biophilia (a love for nature) — and entire buildings have been designed to recreate it.”

An all-day spa gift certificate

A massage can’t heal a broken heart, but it can definitely relieve physical aches and pains at least. Better yet, join your friend for an day of pampering and relaxation. Once the body feels better, then the mind follows, and vice versa. Plus it just might work in keeping one’s mind off of negativity and any lingering thoughts.

An arm or lap pillow

Yes, it might sound creepy but it’s totally harmless. An arm or lap pillow may not be able to replace the feeling of the real thing but at least it can aid in getting some sleep, plus it’s kinda funny. These pillows are mostly available online.

A “Good riddance” cake

Sugar and chocolates can make any heartbroken fellow feel better, and so much more if you help him or her think positively of the situation. Celebrate freedom from drama and hurt! Or at the very least, celebrate a new life that is still filled with possibilities. Call your friends and arrange a home party. After all, starting over and moving on can be made much easier with friends around.


Statement shirts

A witty graphic tee is all you need to tell your friends how wonderful they are.


Self-help books

If you’re not in the position to give advice, give your friend an access to experts who just might be able to help. A fun self-help or motivation book can be a good gift no matter what the situation.

A bottle of wine

If all else fails, cheer your friend up by drinking wine clinking your glasses, and say “Cheers!” to a new beginning!

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