Feng Shui-approved lucky colors to wear this 2018

In Chinese culture, the rules of Feng Shui are highly considered in buying and designing a house or starting a business because it is believed that spatial alignment, orientation, design, and colors affect the flow of a person’s energy, love, money, and success. And just like the annual announcement of the Color of the Year by Pantone, many Feng Shui experts reveal their predictions of what colors will bring you an extra boost of luck this Year of the Dog. Here are street style snaps with lucky colors according to your Chinese zodiac sign that are believed to have the power to positively influence your destiny in 2018:

Blue — Rat, Dog

Wear shades that represent the water element. Make your outfits more exciting by choosing lighter shades of blue that are easy on the eyes. Update your look with a periwinkle hue and modern stripes.


Yellow — Ox, Rabbit

According to karmaweather.com, a resource for Chinese horoscopes and Feng Shui, the elements Fire or Metal, represented by the colors Red, White or Gold, can serve as effective energy stabilizers for certain signs of the Chinese calendar. If millennial pink dominated last year’s fashion trends, the so-called Gen Z yellow is the new “it” color for 2018. This bright color was spotted on influencers Aimee Song and Camilla Coelho at the recently concluded New York Fashion Week.

Brown — Tiger, Snake

It is believed that the Dog, the eleventh sign of the zodiac of the Chinese calendar, has as main agent Earth element, which is why for these signs, deep brown, earthy and neutral colors are the best picks for good luck.

White — Monkey, Pig

For these signs, Wood and Metal related colors take center stage, and white represents the element of metal. You can never go wrong with a white ensemble. Several high fashion designers seem to think so, too. The classic color dominated the runways of the Spring/Summer collections, as it is easily gives off a sophisticated yet breezy look that’s perfect for the season.

Beige — Goat, Rooster

Beige belongs to the family of earth colors, and it is believed to bring the signs Goat and Rooster good luck for the year. This neutral hue is an easy, fuss-free color to play with. Upgrade your look by riding the plaid suit trend, which is a great choice for casual or workwear.

Pink — Horse, Dragon

It looks like pink is here to stay for the signs Horse and Dragon. It’s no wonder why this pretty pastel hue dominated Instagram feeds, from desserts, interiors, to outfits and hair color. If you’re not really into the cutesy or hot pink color, change up your look with the shades fuschia, salmon, and powder pink.

Sources: herworld.com, karmaweather.com

Photos from New York Fashion Week Street Styles (SS 2017/ FW 2018), popsugar.com, Elle.com, Getty

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